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Why Should I be Concerned about Blue Light?

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Why Should I be Concerned about Blue Light?

You probably are aware that some lighting is better than others for your eyes. But you may be surprised about the negative effect that blue light has on your eyes — especially over time.

It's a known fact that some people get headaches or eye strain at work while using computers or working with overhead lighting.

Why is this such a common problem?

All electronic devices including televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets emit blue high-energy visible light — know as blue/HEV light. Blue/HEV light emits wavelengths from 380 to 500 nano meters, and is toxic for the inside of your eye.  

Over time, possible side effects include:

  • premature aging
  • cataracts
  • age related macular degeneration

Blue light bends the most causing unwanted distortion and glare. It's no surprise that eye fatigue is the number one complaint of computer users.

We have a solution

We recommend Nikon See Coat Blue lenses for all computer and digital device users including non eyeglass wearers.   Nikon See Coat Blue is on the surface of both sides of this lens. It selectively helps to filter out "bad" light for better eye health.  Unlike other lenses that have coatings that crack or peel off, the Nikon See Coat Blue protects your lenses from glare, dust and scratches.

Our patients, staff and doctors that wear the Nikon See Coat Blue notice an immediate reduction in headaches, visual fatigue and their lenses last longer.

Why subject your eyes to harmful blue light when you can benefit from these new lenses today?