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NEW: Complete Frames and Lens Packages for $235.

Get $100 Off Total Packaging Pricing – Nikon Lenses

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Get $100 Off Total Packaging Pricing – Nikon Lenses

Take advantage of this $100 discount for complete package regular priced Nikon high definition digital progressive lenses and frames.

We'll help you select the best eye glass frame for you and then build it using quality Nikon Lenses. Why Nikon?

DESIGN - Nikon is a leader in ophthalmic lens technology, with advanced digital lens designs and innovative coatings.

MATERIALS - High-index materials offer the highest quality technology available in eyeglass lenses.

COATINGS - Nikon coatings are the result of a rigorous process that guarantees quality, durability, easy maintenance and of course, unequalled optical performance.

Nikon offers a variety of coatings to consumers and all Nikon coatings assure three primary benefits.

  1. Superior Scratch Resistance - Nikon coatings protect lenses against abrasion and scratches, thereby prolonging their life whatever their index.
  2. Advanced Light Control and Anti-Reflection - Nikon coatings eliminate reflections. They enhance visual clarity particularly when driving at night and working on a computer, keeping residual reflections to a minimum. Furthermore, Nikon coatings limit interference fringes by matching varnish to a material’s refractive index.
  3. Long-lasting, Easy-to-Clean Performance - The superior water and dust-repellent properties of Nikon coatings prevent lenses from water tarnishing and make cleaning quicker and easier than ever.

Get all these benefits, plus a look that fits your style... all at $100 off!  

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