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Contact Lens Fitting

When properly fit, contact lenses are an undetectable, comfortable and convenient vision correction option for people who prefer not to wear eyeglasses.

The process of fitting contact lenses involves multiple steps. Each patient is different, and it's important to find just the right lens to fit your eyes, and your lifestyle.

First, we perform a comprehensive eye exam.

Before we even look at fitting you with contact lenses, we need to perform an eye exam to establish your prescription for corrective lenses, just as we would if you were getting eyeglasses.

During this examination, we'll also check for any eye health issues you may be experiencing, to make sure that contact lenses are indeed right for you.

What happens during the contact lens consultation and fitting?

If all goes well with your eye exam, we will proceed with your contact lens fitting.

Discussing Your Needs

The first step in this process is a discussion about your preferences when it comes to contact lenses, and about your lifestyle. You deserve the solution that will best maximize your visual outcome. One Day Contact Lenses have made revolutionary advances in the last year. Why wouldn't you want the most hygienic, comfortable and complication-free contact lens?

Considering that you'll no longer need to buy contact lens cases and solutions, One Day Contact Lenses are an economical option. How much time and money do you really want to spend on cleaning and caring for conventional contact lenses?

For patients over 40 years of age that are experiencing reading difficulty, we offer multifocal contact lenses. These work especially well for computer users and for multitasking. Gone are the days when you have to strain your eyes and neck with conventional spectacles.

Contact Lens Measurements

It may surprise you to learn that contact lenses come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Your eyes are unique to you, and if the curvature of your contact lenses is too steep or too flat for the shape of your eye, then they won't fit you comfortably.

For this reason, measurements will be taken of different parts of your eye, to make sure that your contacts fit you perfectly. These measurements include:

  • Corneal Curvature Meaurement - to measure the clear front surface (cornea) of your eye,
  • Pupil & Iris Size Measurement - to measure the size of the coloured part of your eye,
  • Tear Film Evaluation - to ensure that you have adequate tear film to keep your lenses and cornea hydrated during wear.
Contact Lens Fitting, London, Ontario, Optometrist

Trial Lenses

Trial lenses will be used to ensure that the correct size and prescription have been chosen by you and your optometrist.

You'll likely wear the trial lenses for about 15 minutes, while the optometrist evaluates the position and movement of the lens on your eye. You'll also get a feel for the lenses, and your optometrist will ask you whether ot not they feel comfortable.

If the trial goes well, and you feel good in your lenses, your optometrist will discuss with you how to care for, clean, and handle your new lenses, and how often and how long you should wear them.

Follow Up Visits & Routine Exams

After your initial fitting, a follow up visit will be recommended to confirm that your lenses continue to feel comfortable, and fit you properly, and that your eyes can tolerate contact lens wear.

No matter how well your lenses fit, or how long you've been wearing them comfortably, it is important to have your eyes examined at least once a year, to determine whether they continue to tolerate the lenses, and whether a change of prescription is necessary.

At Sharpe Optometry, we carry a selection of quality contact lenses to meet the needs of our patients.

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