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Meet the Sharpe Optometry Team

The friendly, knowledgeable team at Sharpe Optometry in London is committed to providing the best service possible for your eye care and eyewear needs.

Sharpe Team, London Ontario Optometrist


In the 2 years since Samantha has been part of the Sharpe Vision team, she has become a Nikon Lens expert. She advises patients of the best spectacle lens solutions for them.

With her substantial horticultural genius, Samantha has transformed our office environment!

Fresh flowers from her garden are displayed throughout the office each day. Her passion for colour and design is reflected in her appreciation of the subtle styles of all our newest frame lines.

Samantha is only satisfied when each patient she works with is fitted with frames that look great, feel good and reflect that person's individuality.


Lori has been with the Sharpe Vision team for 11 years, and performs all our administrative, insurance and laboratory operations. She knows most of our patients by name, and they often ask to speak with her directly.

Lori loves the outdoors and sunshine. She especially enjoys spending time with her children, and travelling to sunny destinations each year.

This allows her her to recharge from all her excellent patient services and hard work.

Lori is very active in community and health care fundraising. She takes a special interest in the Diabetes Foundation, supporting the cause for one of her children.


Mandy has been a member of the Sharpe Vision team for over 8 years.

Some of her favorite aspects of her job include providing a friendly, convenient and comfortable office environment for patients, and merchandising our showroom and creating fabulous artistic displays.

When it comes to serving our patients, Mandy consistently exceeds patient expectations, and is exceptionally good at anticipating their needs.

Above all, Mandy enjoys the fantastic reactions when patients first put on their new glasses, and experience clear, sharp vision, as well as renewed confidence.